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Curriculum Committee


The consortium will have no formal course review or approval responsibilities. However, CISER will informally and collaboratively serve as a clearinghouse for statistics-focused courses at WSU.


  • The CISER curriculum committee will be comprised of the consortium leader (chair) and three affiliated faculty elected for 3-year terms by all faculty affiliated with the consortium.
  • The curriculum committee, with input from other affiliated faculty, will regularly review existing statistics-focused WSU courses (in any academic unit) for rigor and institutional redundancy.
  • The CISER curriculum committee will facilitate the development and review of new statistics-focused courses, promoting institutional consistency and synergies in statistical course offerings.
  • Approved courses will be listed on the CISER website, along with a syllabus, prerequisites, and key topics covered to help students find relevant statistical courses that meet their needs.
  • Faculty who teach CISER-listed statistics courses will be designated affiliated faculty, and will be expected to contribute to statistics curriculum and course reviews.