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Expectations and Commitments for Engaged Learning


CISER works with various colleges of WSU to offer Engaged Learning to College affiliated users. These hours are at no cost to user (college affiliated researcher). Engaged Learning aims to improve general understanding of statistical methods and techniques by working closely with a statistician on problems related to their research.

Engaged Learning enables researchers from all disciplines the ability to confidently perform a strong analysis of their own work.  Areas include, but are not limited to study design, assistance in code, deciphering which Analysis Method to use, and the review and interpretation of your results.

Colleges have provided support to members in the following increments:

Student Hours
Faculty Hours
Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences 10 10
Arts and Sciences 10 10
Veterinary Medicine 6 3
Business  1 1
Communication 1 1
Education 1 1
Engineering and Architecture 1 1
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 1 1
Nursing 1 1
Medicine 1 1