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Expectations and Commitments for Engaged Learning

CISER works with colleges within WSU to offer ‘Engaged Learning’ hours. These hours are offered per year at no cost to the researcher. CISER follows the WSU financial year July-June, based on the practice of the academic year. Engaged Learning aims to improve general understanding of statistical methods and techniques by working closely with a statistician on problems related to their research.

Researchers from all disciplines are enabled with the ability to confidently perform a strong analysis of their own work.

Engaged Learning Hours provided at various increments by the Colleges are as follows:

Student Hours
Faculty Hours
Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences 10 10
Arts and Sciences 10 10
Veterinary Medicine 6 3
Business  1 1
Communication 1 1
Education 1 1
Engineering and Architecture 1 1
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 1 1
Nursing 1 1
Medicine 1 1


Researchers who would like to increase their partnership with CISER beyond the allotted Engaged Learning hours should inquire about Collaboration service where CISER becomes a recognized co-investigator or accredited resource on the project. With Collaboration CISER works directly with the data and the researcher on producing, reviewing, and analyzing the results. Information about this service can be found here


Further assistance for larger scale, ready made results and for researchers & practitioners working outside the designed agreements with their college can contract through our Consulting Service, with more information found on our Community Reach Page. Everyone inside and outside the University is afforded at least one Engaged Learning hour and resources and best avenues of approach for a CISER partnership can be discussed at that time.


Inquiries about data protection and rights can be made directly to the CISER office regarding specific projects. An overall policy addressing the needs of CISER’s clientele is currently in development. This policy will be based on and exceed the WSU standard listed here. In the meantime, the WSU standard is an outline that any researcher inside or outside the University working with CISER is guaranteed.