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May 3rd 2019 Jillian Morrison our Graduate Research Assistant from Spring 2018, Summer 2018 and Spring 2019 will permanently resign from CISER as she defends her Doctoral Thesis May 20th. At the summer’s end she will be moving into a full Professorship at The College of Wooster teaching Statistics and Data Analytics. CISER wishes her well and looks forward to remaining in contact with her via our Affiliate program.

April 17th and 19th 2019 Dr. Kogan instructed a 25 person workshop geared towards R (R Studio) users in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Introducing R to many who had not previously used the program. He focused first on basic statistical concepts and beginning approaches to data analysis alongside the application of R. Integrating this powerful tool to the fabric of these reseracher’s understanding of their work.


               Snapshot of PDI website                                           February 19th 2019 (and September 24th, 2018) Dr. Dasgupta concluded her second part of a workshop to graduate students of WSU participating in the yearly professional development seminars put on by the PDI  focusing on the ‘what, when, how and whys’ of data. From the description: “Data is pervasive these days and like it or not we have to use data to make decisions, or others will make them for us.” In this workshop she touched on this and more from the basics about the types of data to the nuanced guides of what we can say and what we cannot say from the results. Much of the talk included topics provided by the engaged students who eagerly participated.


March 25th 2019 The New York Times reported on work done with Dr. Kogan Lead CISER Statistician and Dr Lisa Fournier Director of Attention, Perception & Performance Lab regarding ordered task.

The article can be found here


Precrastination: When the Early Bird Gets the Shaft; The last-mover advantage.


By Juno DeMelo

                                                            July 31st, 2018 The American Statistical Association bestowed the prestigious distinction of Fellow to Dr. Dasgupta for her professional contributions, leadership and commitment to the field of statistical science.

She was officially recognized at an awards ceremony , during the Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver this summer.

CISER congratulates everyone on the completion of the 2019 School year! Check back with us soon about News & Events coming up.


Summer 2019

CISER will stay open through the summer with our other veteran GRA assisting us Debasmita Deb; alongside Dr. Kogan and Dr. Dasgupta who will be taking appointments all summer long.


Research Extension

As always CISER can cater to any researcher based locally in Pullman, across the state, or the world. Relying on appointments made through our website video conference abilities, and email & phone communication our statisticians look forward to working with you no matter where your research takes you.