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                                                            July 31st, 2018 The American Statistical Association bestowed the prestigious distinction of Fellow to Dr. Dasgupta for her professional contributions, leadership and commitment to the field of statistical science.

She was officially recognized at an awards ceremony , during the Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver this summer.

September 12th, 2018 CISER was proud to host its monthly CISER Communi-tea of 2018-2019 school year. Catching up with Affiliates and friends of CISER, Director Dr. Ludlow of the brand-new Data Analytics program and her undergraduate students were on display as they shared with us their attraction to this emerging field.

Next Communi-tea October 10th.


September 14th, 2018 President Howard Schultz and Provost Dan Bernardo in one of their Town Halls spoke to non-college affiliated staff and students about the goals, metrics and expectation facing the University this coming year.

CISER is proud to be part this mission and continue its success. Many of CISER’s key programs promote the metrics and markers of the Drive-to-25, and we are on a constant mission to advertise that success and build upon it.

October 10th, 2018 CISER Communi-Tea 3:00pm


October 14th 2018 Dr. Dasgupta will host a Continuing Education Workshop, in Spokane for Washington State University’s Medical Librarians


October 14th 2018 Rhonda Crate WSU Alumni ’12 and current Data Scientist/Statistician IT& and Data Analytics Specialist at Boeing will address the student chapter of the Student American Statistical Association of WSU.
               Snapshot of PDI website                                           September 24th, 2018 Dr. Dasgupta provided a workshop to the PDI that focused on learning about the ‘what, when, how and whys’ of data. Data is pervasive these days and like it or not we have to use data to make decisions, or others will make them for us, in this workshop she touched on this and more from the basics about the types of data and what we can say and what we cannot say from the different types. While she focused on these areas, the talk included topics provided by the engaged students who eagerly participated.

Her next session will be February 19th at 1:00-3:00pm Sign up now!;

Data Literacy: Busting Myths of Big Data Part 2