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Contact Us

Direct Contact

Office Hours 9-5 Monday thru Friday

(509) 335-1201
Abelson Suite 227, Main Office 221


Yes, we are open during the summer!


Mailing List

You can also join the CISER mailing list to receive updates on CISER initiatives and activities:

1. Follow this link to WSU’s ITS Mailman List page.

2. Enter your name and Email address in the form, then select “CISER_Affiliate” from the “List Name” drop down menu.

3. Click “Join List”.


If  you have been invited to participate in the free SAS training for CISER affiliates September 13th please register here. More details will be emailed to you with a confirmation email.

If you are not a CISER affiliate but are interested in participating please email and we will grant invites based on available space. Thank you.