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Engaged Learning

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Engaged Learning

Engaged Learning is basic statistics-oriented education and guidance that CISER provides to the practitioner to perform strong and proper analysis of their own research.  CISER staff works closely with the researcher with the objective of improving their general understanding of statistical methods and techniques and how it is applied to their project.

Each researcher is entitled, that is, at no cost to them, to a limited number of Engaged Learning hours per fiscal year (e.g., July 2020 – June 2021).  The number of Engaged Learning hours depends on the WSU college that the researcher comes from.  See table below.  Researchers who exceed the respective limit have the option to move on to Collaboration service.

Maximum Engaged Learning Hours by WSU College (FY 2019-2020)

Hours per Student
Hours per Faculty
Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences 10 10
Arts and Sciences 10 10
Veterinary Medicine 5 3
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 1 1
Business 1 1
Communication 1 1
Education 1 1
Engineering and Architecture 1 1
Medicine 1 1
Nursing 1 1