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Services Provided

CISER has three types of service, namely,

  • Engaged Learning,
  • Collaboration, and
  • Consulting.

Discuss with CISER staff the type of service that is most appropriate for your research project.

Engaged Learning:

Engaged Learning is basic statistics-oriented education and guidance that CISER provides to the practitioner to perform strong and proper analysis of their own research.  CISER staff works closely with the researcher with the objective of improving their general understanding of statistical methods and techniques and how it is applied to their project.

Each researcher is entitled to a limited number of Engaged Learning hours per fiscal year (e.g., July 2020-June 2021).  The number of Engaged Learning hours depends on the WSU college that the researcher comes from.  See table below.  Researchers who exceed the respective limit have the option to move on to Collaboration described below.


Collaboration is defined as cooperative work between researcher and CISER statistician (either clinical statisticians or affiliate faculty) that leads to co-authorship or acknowledgment on a publication.  It is more involved than the basic guidance provided under Engaged Learning and meaningfully contributes to the field research.

Collaboration projects go beyond basic submission goals seeking to test and develop methods of data analysis. Advancements of such work will be readily and made available to be presented to the college and inter-collegiate researchers and practitioners.


Statistical Consulting charged at an hourly rate will be offered for projects that exceed the scope of Statistical Engaged Learning and Collaboration.  We strongly recommend that principal investigators specify CISER Consulting as a sub-contract on their grants to facilitate funding.

Consulting is appropriate if the researcher wishes CISER to perform statistical analysis on their data and prepare formal reports.  Researchers and practitioners not affiliated with WSU, e.g., those in hospitals and businesses, etc., can contract CISER through Consulting service.


Inquiries about data protection and rights can be made directly to the CISER office regarding specific projects. An overall policy addressing the needs of CISER’s clientele is currently in development. This policy will be based on and will exceed the WSU standards listed here. In the meantime, the WSU standards are an outline of what is guaranteed for any researcher inside or outside the University working with CISER.