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SAS University Edition (Free)

Posted by CIRC | December 15, 2015

SAS University Edition provides free access to SAS Studio with two options for installation on a local machine or on Amazon Web Services.

To access SAS University Edition:

    1. Go to
    2. Click “Get Free Software”

For installing on a local machine (recommended):

      1. Click Download Now.
      2. Choose between two VM packages that are detailed on the next page.
      3. Download and install one or both of the VM packages (We recommend and have had better experiences with the VMware packages).  *Make note of which one you installed*
      4. Click the Get Download link at the bottom of the page. *Make sure that you click the link that corresponds with your chosen VM software package.*
      5. You will be directed to a login page.  Sign in with your username and Password.  If you don’t already have a SAS account, click Create and follow the instructions to create a new account.
      6. Once signed in you should be at a terms and conditions page.  Read the page carefully, then click Accept Terms & Conditions.
      7. Review the order summary, and click the Download link under SAS University Edition *Make sure to download and extract this file to the download folder* (This download is nearly 2 GB and will take some time)
      8. Add SAS to the VM software package using the appropriate instruction set below:

        For Oracle VirtualBox:

        Use this PDF:

        Or watch this video:

        For VMware Player:

        Use this PDF:

        Or watch this video:

        For VMware Fusion:

        Use this PDF:

        Or watch this video:

      9.  Once you are running your Virtual Machine package, use the following site to ensure that all settings are correct.  (You may also want to restart your computer following the installation to avoid some issues.)

To use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) edition: (Costs may apply for certain levels of usage, or after 12 months of AWS free tier usage)

      1. Click the Amazon Cloud Link
      2. You do not need to accept the special offer.  Unless the services appeal to you, click “No Thanks” below the orange box.
      3. Follow the steps on the following PDF: